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Each of the two working groups that were created to assist with this project developed questions that followed from Jeanne's challenge. From your perspective as a faculty member or administrator (department chair, dean, provost or president), what is your institution doing to engage students in STEM learning?

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If you have already participated in Dr. Gorman’s earlier survey, some of the questions are the same and your previous responses will be included in our summation. We would, however, encourage you to complete the additional questions in this survey to be sure your opinions are captured.

Working groups responsible for the survey:

Drs. Susan Gorman (Stevenson U.), Fred Ledley (Bentley U.), Christine Broussard (U. of La Verne), Meredith Durmowicz( Stevenson U.), and Rebecca Miller (Harvard Graduate School of Education), Steve Kucera (U. of Tampa), Maureen Shamgochian (Worcester State College), Gita Bangera (Bellevue College), and Joyce Fernandez (Miami U. of Ohio)

Thanks to Bentley University for hosting the survey and Eric Ndungu for his work to create the survey.